Hayfever & Allergies

Whether it’s seasonal hayfever or year-round allergy symptoms – there’s a range of FLO solutions to help you and the whole family find relief.


Hayfever & Allergies

Mild or severe, seasonal hayfever or all-year allergy symptoms can make your day miserable and sleeping at night more difficult. FLO’s range of nasal and sinus solutions can help you breathe easier so you can forget your allergy and get on with your day.



How long does hayfever last?

Hayfever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) symptoms may last for weeks or several months, depending on which plant pollen you are allergic to, where you live and even the weather.

Pollen can be difficult to avoid, so if you are allergic to more than one type of pollen or pollen from plants that produce pollen throughout the year, then you may have hayfever symptoms most of the time.

Is hayfever contagious?

Hayfever is caused by an allergic reaction to pollen. It is not contagious, so you cannot ‘catch’ hayfever from someone else.

Some of your hayfever symptoms may overlap with other conditions, such as colds and flu that are infectious and can be passed on from person to person.

When is hayfever season?

Hayfever season in Australia varies depending on where you live and the type of pollen you are allergic to.

  • For example:
    Tree pollen levels are usually high in late winter to early spring1e and grass pollen is around from August.
  • Pollen from allergenic grasses in the south of Australia usually peak during October to December, while in warmer northern areas grasses flower from January to March.
What is the difference between allergies and hayfever?

An allergy is where a person reacts to substances (allergens)in the environment that are harmless to most other people. The term ‘allergies’ covers a broad range of reactions to various allergens such as dust mites, pets, pollen, insects as well as some foods and medications.

Hayfever (seasonal allergic rhinitis) is the common name for a form of allergic rhinitis and is a specific type of allergic reaction caused by pollen and other seasonal allergens.


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