Runny Nose

Struggling with a runny nose? Find out more about the causes of a runny nose and how FLO’s range of solutions can help you and your family find relief.


Runny nose

Having a drippy or runny nose is a common problem especially for children, but do you know the cause or the best way to stem the flow?

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How long does a runny nose last?

runny nose can have a number of causes and so can last for different amounts of time.

For example, you can often get a runny nose when you have a viral infection such as a cold. In which case, your runny nose may last up to 2 weeks.

If your runny nose is caused by an allergy such as hayfever it may last longer – anywhere from a few weeks to months depending on what you are allergic to.

Can teething cause a runny nose in babies?

Teething in babies is not usually associated with illness, but often gets blamed for a variety of problems, including a runny nose.

If your child has a runny nose and is also teething, talk to your doctor or Maternal and Child Health Nurse about the possible causes.


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