Can I use a nasal spray on my baby?

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Can I use a nasal spray on my baby?

Uncover the benefits of using a saline nasal spray on your baby. With these tips,
you’ll be able to help your baby breathe easier and as a result, feed and sleep better!

Babies can only breathe through their nose for their first few months. So when their tiny nasal
passages get blocked or runny with excess mucus this can mean an unhappy and unsettled baby.
This is because excess mucus can block their airways and as a result, may interfere with both feeding AND sleeping. Let’s face facts, an unsettled baby can have knock-on effects for the whole family.

What can I do to help baby when they have a blocked or snotty nose?

A gentle saline nasal spray can help to clear baby’s blocked and runny nose and get them back on the path of feeding and sleeping better.


What are the benefits of using a saline nasal spray for my baby?

Using saline nasal sprays or drops, such as FLO Baby Nasal Spray and Drops in babies can help provide relief especially when they have colds or allergies because clearing a congested nose means:

  • Nasal mucus is thinned
  • Irritants and allergens are washed away
  • Nasal tissues are moistened helping the nose function better
  • Crusty, nasal scabbing is less likely
    If you use a saline nasal spray or drops on your baby, you might notice they sniff, sneeze or swallow.

These are quite normal bodily reactions that allow them to naturally clear their airways so they can
breathe freely.


How do I use a nasal spray on my baby?

FLO Baby Saline Nasal Spray sprays at any angle, making it quick and easy to use. Here’s how you administer it:

  1. Position baby in their most comfortable position.
  2. Position the FLO Baby spray or drop applicator tip just below baby’s nostril and spray the required
    dose into each nostril.
  3. Wipe baby’s nose with a soft, clean tissue.

When is the best time to use a saline nasal spray on my baby?

We recommend you try FLO Baby Saline 10 minutes BEFORE feeding, play and sleep time thereby making it part of their daily schedule.


Choosing a Suitable Saline Nasal Spray for Your Baby

Important points to remember when choosing a nasal saline product for your child:

  • Use a gentle nasal saline that can be used daily
  • Look for a “preservative-free” nasal spray
  • Make sure it’s easy to use and can spray at any angle.

Explore the FLO Kids and Baby nasal saline range to find relief for your child. Visit your local
pharmacy or explore our online product finder for more information.


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