Nasal and Sinus Hygiene Tips: Best Practices for Sinus Washes and Nasal Sprays

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Nasal and Sinus Hygiene Tips: Best Practices for Sinus Washes and Nasal Sprays

Maintain proper hygiene when using sinus washes and nasal sprays for nasal or sinus congestion. Learn about the importance of using personal devices, cleaning procedures, and
storage practices. Follow these tips for optimal hygiene and relief.

When dealing with nasal or sinus congestion caused by colds, allergies, hayfever, or sinusitis, using nasal sprays or sinus washes can provide relief. However, it is essential to prioritize hygiene to prevent the spread of infection and ensure effective treatment. In this article, we will share valuable tips on maintaining nasal and sinus hygiene when using these devices.


Use Personal Devices:

If you and a family member suffer from nasal or sinus congestion, whether from colds, allergies, hayfever or sinusitis and you both need to use a nasal spray or sinus wash, always use your own device. Clearly labelling your device is a great way to ensure that there’s no confusion between who’s nasal spray or wash bottle belongs to whom.


Cleaning procedures:

Cleaning your sinus wash bottle is also vital to avoid contamination and we recommend that your bottle is thoroughly cleaned after every use.

Discard any remaining solution in the bottle. Always make a fresh solution for each
Clean all components i.e. bottle, tube and nozzle thoroughly using warm soapy water. Rinse all components well with tap water. Thoroughly dry using a clean paper towel.
Reassemble the bottle and store in refrigerator until next needed.
Before making up your FLO isotonic saline solution for the next use, rinse bottle and components with previously boiled water to ensure any residue is removed.

By following these nasal and sinus hygiene tips, you can ensure the effectiveness of your nasal sprays and sinus washes. Proper hygiene practices help prevent the spread of infection and maintain the quality of the products. Refer to the provided guidelines and instructions for more information on maintaining optimal hygiene while using FLO Sinus Care products.


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